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Quick tips for choosing your home security system

by Maria Elena Casillas 11/19/2023

Home security systems can give homeowners peace of mind by deterring intruders or alerting them if someone tries to break in. Several kinds of security systems are available, which can make it hard to choose one for your home. The following tips can help you decide which kind of home security system you'll need for your specific home living situation.

Choose between wired and wireless

Security systems are available in hard-wired and wireless options. Hard-wired security systems need to be connected to wires in your home, such as a landline phone, to work. Wireless systems don't require these connections, since they rely on Wi-Fi technology to operate. You'll also find security systems that use both wired and wireless connections for sensors, monitoring and other components.

Consider visible or hidden sensors

Security systems have sensors to detect when someone tries to open doors and windows. In some cases, these sensors are placed in hidden areas. Other systems have sensors that are placed in visible areas. While visible sensors might not be visually appealing in your home, having them in plain view could help deter intruders.

Compare monitoring options

There are several security monitoring options. Some will even contact you when they detect anything strange in your home. For example, if your sensors weren't accidentally tripped, some monitoring services will call the police for you and have them go to your home. Monitoring services might also include options to have the security service alert the local fire department in case of a fire.

Think about management options

Security systems come with control panels, keypads and other ways to manage them. Search for a security system that offers keypads and control panels that are easy to use. You might also want to find one with a mobile app, so you can manage your security system from your phone or tablet when you're not home.

Explore extra features

Many security systems have their own added features that set them apart from others. Some offer motion sensors that alert you when there's movement inside your home when you or your household isn't there. Security cameras are another feature to consider. These cameras can provide you with views of the inside and outside of your home and record footage.

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